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DSD Research & Development Forum 2012 (Date: 27-28/11/ 2012)

The R&D Forum 2012 were a 2-day event held on 27 November 2012 (Tuesday) and 28 November 2012 (Wednesday) at the Charles K. Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin.  It brought about 300 guests together from local and overseas representatives from different Government departments, industry, and academia to build on the current state of knowledge.  A total of 17 scholars/experts were invited to present their research on aspects including (i) Hydrology and Hydraulics, (ii) Sustainable Urban Drainage System, (iii) Design & Materials, (iv) Wastewater & Sludge Treatment, (v) Odour Management, and (vi) Renewable Energy.  It was the first time for DSD to organize the two themes, viz. “Sustainable Drainage Design” and “Wastewater Treatment” into a two-day Forum. 

The Director of Drainage Services, Ir C. C. CHAN, kicked off the Forum on Day 1 and highlighted DSD’s continuing effort of promoting innovative engineering researches and solutions and collaboration with local universities with common R&D interest.  Ir CHAN also appreciated to have several overseas experts as our speakers and three professional institutions as our forum supporting organizations (CIWEM, HKIE, IAHR(HK)).


We were also honoured to have the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir C. S. WAI, as our keynote speaker for the Forum on Day 1.  Ir WAI encouraged all the stakeholders to continuously share interesting R&D ideas and to work together to provide a better and sustainable living environment to Hong Kong.


Subsequent to the keynote speech, nine researchers / scholars were invited to present on nine R&D studies relating to the theme “Sustainable Drainage Design”. 


On the following day, the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Ir W. TSUI, welcomed the participants to the Forum on wastewater treatment and emphasized that the effort and invaluable support from academic institutions and industries, are the keys to success in R&D.  Ir TSUI also extended his appreciation to all Forum speakers and the three supporting organizations.


We were honoured to have the Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, Mr. Albert K. C. LAM, as our keynote speaker for Day 2 of the Forum.  Mr. LAM highlighted the achievements of Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) and gave an overview of Sewerage Master Plan (SMP).  In addition, he believed that the research findings on wastewater treatment methods, green design for treatment facilities, sustainable treatment and energy recovery from treatment processes, etc would contribute to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.  Mr. LAM encouraged the researchers/ scholars to share their innovative technologies and inspiring insights with the government for improving our environmental sustainability.


After the keynote speech, eight researchers / scholars were invited to present on their individual R&D studies associated with the theme “Wastewater Treatment”.


The feedback from the Forum attendees were positive and encouraging.

Forum Details are available through the forum website 
Forum Website.



Group photo of the Forum on Day 1, including the Permanent Secretary of Development (Works), Ir Wai Chi-sing (Left 6), the Director of Drainage Services, Ir Chan Chi-chiu (Left 7), guest speakers and honorable guests.


 Day 1 of the Forum



 The attendees' responses were overwhelming




Group photo of the Forum on Day 2, including the Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, Mr. Albert LAM Kai-chung (Right 3), the Director of Drainage Services, Ir Chan Chi-chiu (Right 4), guest speakers and honorable guest.



 Day 2 of the Forum




 Q&A Session - Day 2 of the Forum



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