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Invitation for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Agreements

Tender Reference :
Agreement No. CE 58/2017 (DS)
Procuring Department : Drainage Services Department
Subject : Energizing Kowloon East – Revitalization of Tsui Ping River – Design and Construction
Description : The objective of the Project is to transform the existing one-kilometre long nullah between Kai Lim Road and its estuary at the harbour into a “green river” with environmental, ecological and landscape upgrading, with associated enhancement of drainage capacity. To match with the project theme of enhancing connectivity and walkability, walkways, bridges and landscaped decks beside the river will also be provided.


This Assignment mainly includes the following services:

  • adoptive review;
  • supervision of site investigations, surveys and testing;
  • further stage of public engagement;
  • detailed design of the works;
  • preparation of tender documents and assessment of tenders; and
  • construction supervision and commissioning of the works.

For details, please refer to the documents contained in the Remarks below.

Contact :

Senior Engineer/Drainage Projects 2
Drainage Services Department
45/F, Revenue Tower
5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Tel. No.: (852) 2594 7404
Fax No.: (852) 2157 0619
E-mail: hkchan@dsd.gov.hk

Engineer/Drainage Projects 22
Drainage Services Department
45/F, Revenue Tower
5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Tel. No.: (852) 2594 7346
Fax No.: (852) 2157 0619
E-mail: hmchan02@dsd.gov.hk


Telephone Number : (852) 2594 7404/(852) 2594 7346
Fax Number : (852) 2157 0619/(852) 2157 0619
E-mail address : hkchan@dsd.gov.hk/hmchan02@dsd.gov.hk
Closing Date/Time : 12:00 PM on 21 Sep 2017(Thursday)
Submission of EOI : Documents are to be submitted to:
Chief Engineer/Drainage Projects
Drainage Services Department
45/F, Revenue Tower
5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Remarks : Details on the invitation of Expression of Interest can be found in the following
documents (in both PDF, MS Word and/or MS Excel formats where applicable):

(i) CE58_2017 EOI NOTICE
(iii) CE58_2017 ANNEX A
(iv) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP A
(v) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP B
(vi) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP C
(vii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP D
(viii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP E
(ix) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP F
(x) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP G
(xi) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP H
(xii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP I 
(xiii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP J 
(xiv) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP K 
(xv) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP L 
(xvi) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP M 
(xvii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP N 
(xviii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP O 
(xix) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP P 
(xx) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP Q 
(xxi) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP R 
(xxii) CE58_2017_ANNEX A_APP S 
(xxiii) CE58_2017 ANNEX B 
(xxiv) CE58_2017 ANNEX C
(xxv) CE58_2017 ANNEX D
(xxvi) CE58_2017 ANNEX E 
(xxvii)  CE58_2017 ANNEX F 
(xxviii)  CE58_2017 ANNEX G 
(xxix)  CE58_2017 ANNEX H 
(xxx) CE58_2017 ANNEX I
Download All Documents
Interested consultants/parties are required to note that they will be deemed to have accepted the conditions in document (ii) if they use the above documents.