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Standard Drawings

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渠務署標準圖則目錄 只提供英文版本
List of DSD Standard Drawings13.01.2016PDF format, 36K
DS 1001 B(1)Standard Manhole - Type A14.01.2016PDF format, 55K
DS 1002 B(1)Standard Manhole - Type B08.08.2001PDF format, 58K
DS 1003 C(1)Standard Manhole - Type C05.05.2014PDF format, 51K
DS 1004 C(1)Standard Manhole - Type D29.04.2014PDF format, 54K
DS 1005 E(3)Standard Manhole - Type E15.05.2015PDF format, 100K
DS 1006 E(3)Standard Manhole - Type F15.05.2015PDF format, 115K
DS 1007 E(3)Standard Manhole - Type G (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 109K
DS 1008 E(3)Standard Manhole - Type G/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 129K
DS 1009 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type H (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 133K
DS 1010 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type H/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 144K
DS 1011 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type I (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 125K
DS 1012 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type I/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 139K
DS 1013 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type J (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 135K
DS 1014 D(3)Standard Manhole - Type J/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 130K
DS 1015 D(4)Standard Manhole - Type K (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 186K
DS 1016 D(4)Standard Manhole - Type K/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 202K 
DS 1017 D(4)Standard Manhole - Type L (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 225K
DS 1018 C(1)Backdrop Manhole - Type 112.05.2010PDF format, 60K
DS 1019 C(2)Backdrop Manhole - Type 208.08.2001PDF format, 69K
DS 1020 D(3)Backdrop Manhole - Type 312.05.2010PDF format, 169K
DS 1023 D(3)Precast Concrete Manhole - Type A12.05.2010PDF format, 195K
DS 1024 C(3)Precast Concrete Manhole - Type B08.08.2001PDF format, 156K
DS 1025 B(1)Sand Trap08.08.2001PDF format, 78K
DS 1031 B(1)R.S.J. Connections (in manholes)08.08.2001PDF format, 41K
DS 1032 B(1)Top treatment to manhole08.08.2001PDF format, 47K
DS 1033 C(5)Standard double triangular manhole cover & frame29.04.2014PDF format, 170K
DS 1034 B(5)Standard desilting manhole cover & frame08.08.2001PDF format, 205K
DS 1035 B(2)Double seal terminal sewer M.H. cover - Type MA 2-29/29A08.08.2001PDF format, 97K
DS 1036 B(2)Double seal terminal sewer M.H. cover - Type MA 2-45/45A08.08.2001PDF format, 100K
DS 1037 B(1)Double seal terminal sewer M.H. cover - Type MC 2-29/29A08.08.2001PDF format, 63K
DS 1038 B(1)Double seal terminal sewer M.H. cover - Type MC 2-45/45A08.08.2001PDF format, 73K
DS 1039 B(2)Double seal terminal Stormwater M.H. cover - Type MA 2-29/29B08.08.2001PDF format, 104K 
DS 1040 B(2)Double seal terminal Stormwater M.H. cover - Type MA 2-45/45B08.08.2001PDF format, 106K
DS 1041 B(1)Double seal terminal Stormwater M.H. cover - Type MC 2-29/29B08.08.2001PDF format, 69K
DS 1042 B(1)Double seal terminal Stormwater M.H. cover - Type MC 2-45/45B08.08.2001PDF format, 73K
DS 1043 B(1)Manhole step iron08.08.2001PDF format, 31K
DS 1044 B(1)Access ladder for manholes08.08.2001PDF format, 29K
DS 1045 B(2)Grated cover and frame08.08.2001PDF format, 68K
DS 1046 B(3)Rodding eye and frame08.08.2001PDF format, 106K
DS 1047 B(1)Cast-in-situ R.C. culvert08.08.2001PDF format, 55K
DS 1048 B(5)Trench & bedding of pipeline25.05.2001PDF format, 196K
DS 1049 B(1)Surround to pipes31.07.2001PDF format, 37K
DS 1050 B(2)Typical details of flexible joint31.07.2001PDF format, 111K
DS 1051 D(2)Temporary barrier for traffic diversion06.10.2003PDF format, 154K
DS 1053 C(2)Terminal manhole - Type T114.01.2016PDF format, 79K
DS 1054 E(3)Terminal manhole - Type T214.01.2016PDF format, 127K
DS 1055 E(3)Terminal manhole - Type T314.01.2016PDF format, 120K
DS 1056 E(4)Terminal manhole - Type T414.01.2016PDF format, 182K
DS 1057 B(1)Drainage Services Department Logo08.08.2001PDF format, 32K
DS 1058 D(2)Terminal manhole - Type T1014.01.2016PDF format, 88K
DS 1059 B(1)Double seal terminal sewer M.H. cover - Type MC2 - 40/18A08.08.2001PDF format, 71K
DS 1060 C(1)Publicity board support08.08.2001PDF format, 44K
DS 1061 F(6)Publicity board16.05.2007PDF format, 406K
DS 1062 D(2)Obsolete (see DS 1061F(6)) 
DS 1063 B(2)Major project signboard08.08.2001PDF format, 102K
DS 1064 B(2)Minor project signboard08.08.2001PDF format, 85K
DS 1065 C(3)Site Hoarding02.09.2011PDF format, 209K
DS 1066 E(3)Display board for explaining reasons for apparently unattended road works16.05.2007PDF format, 233K
DS 1067 C(2)Obsolete (see DS 1066 E(3)) 
DS 1068 C(2)Sign board for slopes and walls maintained by DSD19.12.2001PDF format, 160K
DS 1069 C(1)Standard identification sign for contract vehicles08.08.2001PDF format, 49K
DS 1070 C(5)550 Square Recessed Manhole Cover and Frame29.10.2010PDF format, 262K
DS 1071 B(5)Standard Recessed Desilting Manhole Cover and Frame for 750mm x 900mm opening29.10.2010PDF format, 990K
DS 1072 A(4)Flood Warning Sign16.06.2006PDF format, 250K
DS 1073 (1)Details of Cartoon Figure06.10.2003PDF format, 817K
DS 1074 (4)Obsolete (see DS 1061 F(6)) 
DS 1075 A(5)Retroreflective Manhole Identification Tag23.01.2008PDF format, 294K
DS 1076 A(2)General notes for ductile iron manhole cover & frame12.05.2010PDF format,136K
DS 1077 A(4)Standard 675 square double triangular ductile iron manhole cover & frame, Clase E60012.05.2010PDF format,312K
DS 1078 (1)Standard Manhole - Type C115.08.2007PDF format, 51K
DS 1079 (1)Standard Manhole - Type D115.08.2007PDF format, 56K
DS 1080 B(3)Standard Manhole - Type E115.05.2015PDF format, 122K
DS 1081 B(3)Standard Manhole - Type F115.05.2015PDF format, 124K 
DS 1082 B(3)Standard Manhole - Type G1 (without desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 126K
DS 1083 B(3)Standard Manhole - Type G1/D (with desilting opening)15.05.2015PDF format, 147K
DS 1084 A(5)Standard 675 Square Recessed Single Seal Manhole Cover and Frame29.10.2010PDF format, 245K
DS 1085 A(5)Standard 675 Square Recessed Double Seal Manhole Cover and Frame29.10.2010PDF format, 257K
DS 1086 A(3)Restraint Details for Standard 550 and 650 Square Double Triangular Manhole Covers03.11.2010PDF format, 251K
DS 1087 (2)No Entry Sign11.03.2010PDF format, 130K
DS 1088 (4)Standard 675 square one-piece ductile iron double seal terminal manhole cover & frame, (Class B125)12.05.2010PDF Format, 460K
DS 1089 (4)Standard 675 Square One - Piece Ductile Iron Double Seal Terminal Manhole Cover & Frame, (Class C250)12.05.2010PDF Format, 472K
DS 1090 (2)Terminal manhole - Type T1_114.01.2016PDF format, 88K
DS 1091 (3)Terminal manhole - Type T2_114.01.2016

PDF format, 182K

DS 1092 (3)Terminal manhole - Type T3_114.01.2016

PDF format, 174K

DS 1093 (4)Terminal manhole - Type T4_114.01.2016PDF format, 308K
DS 1094 (2)Terminal manhole - Type T10_114.01.2016PDF format, 117K
DS 1095 (1)Construction Industry Logo02.09.2011PDF format, 78K
DS 1096 (3)Standard Identification Sign and Educational Banner for Contract Vehicles31.10.2013PDF format, 78K
DS 1096 (3)PDF Files - Sticker A & B05.11.2013PDF Format, 984K 
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DS(C) 1058 B(2)Chinese version of DS 1058 B08.08.2001PDF format, 227K
DS(C) 1059 B(1)Chinese version of DS 1059 B08.08.2001PDF format, 132K
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